The Kinesis system has numerous ties to the gold and rare-earth elements market. Kinesis is partnered with ABX (Allocated Bullion Exchange), a leader in the gold and precious metals sector that has various exchanges on in numerous various nations as well as are really a global system for the sale and exchange of gold bullion.

Kinesis is making use of a blockchain similar to what ABX is using, offering all new and intriguing ways to harness the best shopping tool the world has yet to fully utilize, gold.

Recognizing Asset-Backed Systems

According to Kinesis CEO Tom Coughlin, Kinesis cryptocurrencies don’t really stand for symbols that are “backed” by gold in the traditional sense. The Kinesis cryptocurrencies are really divisible devices of silver and gold to unit sizes that can be made use of to pay for smaller sized deals.

The capacity of cryptocurrencies to be totally fungible and also broken down to smaller sized increments than one device is a fantastic advantage contrasted to supplies and bars of gold.

There cannot be any more coins minted without there being gold in the Kinesis system to back it. They use their fiat currencies to actually mint their own gold and silver backed Kinesis currencies that are then deposited directly into their Kinesis wallet.

The second tier in the Kinesis system is where these actions are added to the blockchain ledger for full transparency and immutable records.

The Kinesis Business Model

Kinesis is incentivizing the use of their coins for all minters in their system, which will in turn make Kinesis an attractive passive investment compared to things, like rental property or stocks. Typical gold investors do not receive any type of yield, but within this new industry, Kinesis has established a yield system that will reward users in four different ways.

Minter Yield

When minters create their Kinesis coins, they are forever tied to this person. This will allow Kinesis to determine the original minter of these coins and continue to reward them. This is an incentive for users to continue to participate in the network by minting new coins and using them. And essentially, a new ecosystem is being formed on the Kinesis network.

Depositor Yield

Kinesis depositors will certainly likewise obtain a 5% share of deal costs on the very first deposit and use of the Kinesis coins from their Kinesis pocketbook.

Holder Yield

For those that pick to hold the Kinesis coins instead of utilizing them, they obtain a 15% share of all transaction costs. This is determined every day, and the total is sent to their Kinesis pocketbook every month.

Referral Yield

This return is specifically for those who pick to refer users to the Kinesis system. Recommendations will bring much more benefits for the system customers.

The Growth Incentive

What Kinesis is doing is incentivizing the development of a stablecoin network. Traditionally, there is no benefits or developments entailed with stablecoins.

With alternatives, like Tether or TrueUSD, the only factor to use this money is either as a safe house against Bitcoin’s violent volatility or as an onramp to significant crypto exchanges. Other than that, there is no reward. And, when it comes to Tether as well as other major stablecoins, you are successfully losing value due to the fact that Tether has stopped working several times to maintain it’s dollar peg. Therefore you are bleeding your profile just holding it.

Kinesis has this return system in position to produce network growth naturally. The more people using the network, the more benefits there are for the existing users.

With Kinesis backed by gold and silver storage spaces, there is additionally a far better system to make certain that Kinesis will not lose its stable worth. This makes it the much better stablecoin choice, ensuring it will be utilized on major exchanges greater than alternatives.

Pushing Kinesis’ growth is their connections to ABX and other business partners. ABX is not a novice whatsoever. It is really a well-relied-on and an appreciated system with numerous high-level links.

Coughlin details a critical deal with a large mobile financial institution with 150 business customers as well as countless energetic users. This collaboration is all substantiated of the existing operation, ABX.

The Kinesis system is the farthest point from various other crypto startups. A number of them just have a white paper and an idea and are starting from the ground floor. Kinesis is already well established and connected with a large community that is interested in this sound money project.

Kinesis Roadmap

Things are moving at a rapid pace for Kinesis. Currently in public sale, the KVT tokens are yet another offering for the Kinesis platform. The capital raised through this token sale will go towards building up all the infrastructure and technology that the vast Kinesis platform will need.

In early 2019, Kinesis will begin to offer their long-awaited gold and silver backed cryptocurrencies, KAG and KAU. This is in addition to the Kinesis wallet, which will link directly with the Kinesis debit card.

Kinesis will also launch both of their cryptocurrency exchanges, for both minting new KAG and KAU coins, and for other altcoin transactions.

Ultimately, 2019 will be a huge year for Kinesis as it becomes the leader in stablecoins and cryptocurrency technology. While many cryptocurrency platforms have little more than a white paper and empty promises, Kinesis has a fully fleshed out vision, with an experienced development team to make it happen. The cryptocurrency market needs a stablecoin leader, and Kinesis will assume this role.

What Kinesis offers is a full closed-loop monetary system. Every detail and need for the user has been well thought out and considered. This ensures no reliability on services outside the Kinesis platform.

While other blockchain companies hire for development of wallets or exchanges, Kinesis is creating all of these products themselves. This is a team with an unblemished record of meeting the needs of their customers. Coughlin first envisioned Kinesis before blockchain technology existed, and with ABX, he was just waiting for the proper time. Blockchain ledger technology has changed the finance industry and made it possible for the Kinesis platform and others to fulfill their missions.

What they will be gaining with the Kinesis platform is full, unhindered financial freedom. Kinesis is abolishing the middleman and ensuring that all users have full financial control of their funds, forever. The users have their Kinesis wallets and are able to use their funds whenever they choose to.

This is a momentous time for financial liberty, and Kinesis is providing the platform that benefits everyone, from merchants to individuals. While gold has always been a store of value in times of crisis, it will finally return to the use it once had–an everyday means of payment and exchange.

Kinesis is providing the platform that will allow users to finally be financially independent.